Architectural Woodwork



Early Beginnings.


Wavell-Huber Wood Products, Inc. is the successor to Wavell Showcase & Fixture, created by Clifford E. Wavell in 1954 from reorganizing the partnership of Wavell-Pierce, established in 1924. During the 1940's, the firm built prefabricated wooden cabin superstructure compartments for Navy minesweepers and picket boats. One of the company’s sidelines was the manufacturing of 120-foot spruce ship’s masts using a self-made custom lathe, which became the second longest operating lathe in the country. After the war, the firm developed itself into a custom casework and store fixture manufacturer.



Debt-Free Firm.

Wavell-Huber Wood Products, Inc. is a debt-free firm that executes up to $7,000,000.00 worth of contracts per year.

National Market Area.

Although 80 percent of our current contract work is located in California, our market area is national. We have also exported our high-end products to Europe and the Far East. Our typical contracts run between $100,000.00 to over $ 3,500,00.00. We typically process three to five projects simultaneously in this range, along with numerous other jobs below $ 100,000.00 each. When it comes to scheduling, we use common sense and custom computerized production programs to ensure our delivery dates. We never attempt to over commit.

Fully Insured and Bondable.

In addition to being bondable and fully insured, we are associated with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America and the Southwest Council of Carpenters. Subsequently, we are able to execute work associated with contracts that specify the use of union labor. We are licensed in California, Utah and Nevada.


We jealously guard our reputation for producing the finest quality products within the cost and time constraints as dictated by our clients. Our entire staff is committed to quality and we maintain strict standards throughout our manufacturing process, from the selection of raw materials through the satisfactory completion of the final installation punch-list.

Contemporary Times


Wavell-Huber Wood Products, Inc. was established in 1969 by the merger of Wavell-Showcase with Joe Huber & Sons, a millwork shop founded in 1958. Over the next 25 years, the company developed into one of the leading architectural woodworking firms based in the Los Angeles area. They specialized in producing high-end tenant improvement projects, corporate headquarters and professional business furnishings. In 1994 the company relocated its manufacturing to North Salt Lake, Utah. The production facility encompasses 48,000 square feet in a modern building filled with new and innovative equipment. An 8,000 square foot satellite office, warehouse, and finishing facility is also maintained in Los Alamitos, California.