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Initial communications with our prospective clients involve determining a budget, scope and schedule for a project.  Our experience helps to assist with value engineering, working backward from a desired project budget suggesting ways to cut costs without compromising the design intent. We are often engaged to provide generic material samples and budgets even before entertaining a final bid...

We always provide submittal “control” samples on every project we manufacture using the veneers and solids specifically purchased for that job.  We also provide stock library samples to select design offices as part of our marketing campaigns to develop new working relationships.  Full-size and partial section mock-ups may be required for many projects with technical challenges and are often a solution for working out difficult details, joinery and finishes for designers and their clients to review...  

Our shop drawings are used to accurately communicate all of the details, materials and construction methods that will be used in each assembly that we produce.  Our designer clients can rely on our shop drawings as a presentation tool to use with their own clients, thereby saving themselves time, effort, and money by eliminating superfluous design drawings and details...  

Our project management processes frequently include assisting general contractors with field templates for layout of flow-bars, lighting, flooring patterns and assistance to help determine where structural, electrical or plumbing stub-outs should be located...

As more projects become design/build adventures that require shop fabrication under extremely compressed time frames, we take the lead in communicating design issues, conflicts and potential problems that may arise...

All of our projects are installed turn-key.  We include lighting, metal work, stone, glass and mirror integrated within many of our projects.  Our installers are on site until the final punch-list is approved and our client is completely satisfied.

We have been laying up custom panels for wood shops across the western states for many years.  We can provide blueprint matched wall paneling and doors, three-ply skins, curved panels and doors, and slab doors of any size and thickness, all to your specifications using almost any material available.                                                

Many of our projects require custom drawers using materials, sizes or details that most manufacturers don’t readily provide.  We can manufacture just about any configuration possible.                                                  

Local woodworking shops and vendors have been using our expertise to make parts for their production pieces, from a single part run to ongoing material orders.  We provide CNC services and custom solid parts to order.


Many of our local shops have been bringing in their material for wire-brushing, rather than spend the time trying to do it themselves.  Our set-up will save time and money.                                              



Our regional woodworker clients often have a project requiring a 3” or 4” thick slab, or one that is excessively wide or tall.  We have built doors up to 18ft. tall or 10’-6” x 8’-0” wide, or a single slab with a specific wood required for exposed stiles.  No job is too big, too small, or too complicated for us to help you with. We also fabricate sketch face veneer doors and custom stile and rail doors that are difficult to find elsewhere.                                          



We offer our shop finishing services to many local woodworkers who need a top quality finish for their panels and furniture.  We also help develop finish samples for submittals to clients.