Architectural Woodwork





“I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you and your talented staff of woodworking craftspeople on the fine job that you have done for G.D. Moore & Co. Inc. over the past two decades.  The quality of the finished product, from the selection of the finest veneers in a particular species to the execution of each and every design detail, has made for projects of award winning stature and we thank you for that.


Our list of prestigious corporate and legal clients has benefited immensely from the perfect execution of elaborate millwork environments, to include custom veneered paneling, delicate millwork joinery, custom cabinet work and beautifully rendered custom executive furniture suites; all of these elements then being finished to the highest degree by your talented staff.


The flawless execution of our custom designs has lead to major design awards and satisfied clients, who return for additional design projects knowing that they will receive the finest in quality millwork, manufactured in a timely fashion and within the budgets set for the project.  We can ask for nothing more and thank you for your continued performance for our clients.


My heartfelt thanks goes out to each of you at Wavell-Huber Wood products for a job well done and for the years of dedication to executing fine millwork for our clientele.“


Gary D. Moore, IIDA




Graham & James


“On behalf of the building committee, and the partners, associates and staff of Graham & James, I wish to express our sincere appreciation and enthusiasm for the beautiful work that you have done for our offices at 801 Tower.  The boardroom table has been very enthusiastically received, as have the other conference room tables and credenzas.   The reception area desk and credenza have been widely complimented, and your framing and pedestal work for the Pacific Asia Museum’s art display have been the subject of a constant stream of compliments ever since their installation earlier this week.  Our secretaries and staff have been particularly enthusiastic, and as you may know they are a tough crowd to please.


I don’t know whether you’ve had an opportunity to see your work as installed on a final basis, but you are most cordially welcome to come to our offices and tour the premises to see the results of your handiwork.


If you are bidding on a job and have need of a reference, please don’t hesitate to call upon us or use our project as an example of your work.”


Edwin B. Resser III

Graham & James



CUSHMAN Realty Corporation


“What a rewarding experience to work with people who actually pay attention to detail!


…. to describe the furniture as “perfect” would normally seem like too much hyperbole.  But in this case I don’t think there is any other word that would be adequate.


…. when the furniture was delivered, my eyes compulsively went to work scrutinizing every component and detail (as it was) delivered and assembled.  When it was done my eyes could not detect a single flaw which seems absolutely remarkable given the complexity of this furniture.


To be able to visualize a concept is one thing; to put it down carefully on paper is yet another.  But to actually fabricate such large pieces of wood down to 1/32” in precise conformity with the drawings, is absolutely amazing to me and I want to express my thanks and admiration to you and your staff whose understanding and appreciation for the details resulted in an even better product than was drawn on paper.


I look forward very much to working with you on other projects.”


William L. Puget

Senior Vice President



Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc.

“Please accept this letter of recommendation for, and my company’s thanks to, Wavell-Huber Wood Products, Inc. and to you for your personal service and attention to detail.


Recently, Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) employed Wavell-Huber to produce a custom wall unit, desk and conference table for our President’s office and conference room at our North American headquarters.  We appreciated your patience and professionalism as we worked through the design phase, and we were very well pleased with your attention to detail and commitment to our schedule during the installation.


Further, Christina Nava and I greatly appreciated your hospitality during our visit to your production facility and we were very impressed with your overall operation.


It would be my pleasure to provide you with a reference for future projects, and I certainly hope the MMNA can employ your company’s services in the future.”


Randy Clark

Facilities Manager



Caruso Affiliated Holdings


“We at Caruso Affiliated are compelled to formally recognize the outstanding level of leadership, craftsmanship and professionalism, conducted by the team at Wavell-Huber.  Our gratitude goes out to you…”


Your team approach and unflinching commitment to timely production and installation, and high standards of quality made for an excellent working relationship.   At both the Corporate Office and (Mr. Caruso’s) Residence your innovative design/build methods created time and money savings to our schedule and budget, and resulted in a finished product that by all accounts in unrivaled.  


Please see to it that all involved know that we are truly privileged to be allied with firms such as yours.  We look forward to our future dealings.”


Tom Veje

Senior Project Manager



Samuel Anderson Architect


"Thank you so much for the many ways Wavell-Huber contributed to the success of the project in Westwood.  As you well know, this beautifully executed project was particularly challenging due to the fast schedule and the complex requirements for coordination between your work and that of numerous other trades, not to mention my unusual design.


Starting with our early meetings to collaboratively develop details and refine the various workstation designs, it was clear that you shared my high expectations for the project.  In the early back-and-forth you had many suggestions and alternatives, and were always forthcoming with various samples and mock-ups.  Your patience and persistence in dealing with various problems were so refreshing and productive; it was a pleasure to work with you and all of your team.


Wavell-Huber carried out the highest standards of workmanship throughout the project, from shop drawings and fabrication through to installation and finishing.  This commitment to quality is apparent throughout the space, even in the smallest, obscure details.


I am so pleased that you were such an integral part of this project and I look forward to other opportunities to work together again in the future.”


Samuel M. Anderson




William Heffner Architect


“I am very happy with the millwork installation in progress at Davis & Thomas.  The veneer flitches have really turned out wonderfully.”



William Heffner AIA




HBC- Howard Building Corporation


"We received a letter from First Quadrant, (see below), upon the completion of their project.  All too often we are rarely acknowledged for our efforts.  In this case each of you was a part of the project team that helped generate this praise and appreciation.


Therefore, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping HBC be successful on this project.  We could not have done it without you."



Steven H. Swafford

Project Manager



First Quadrant (letter to HBC)


"On behalf of all of us at First Quadrant I wanted to express our thanks and strong appreciation for all of the fine work you and your team at Howard Building performed during our office remodel.  This was a major undertaking for our organization and the finished product was outstanding and deadlines met.


Again, thanks for assembling this wonderful team who performed work that we will enjoy for many years to come!"



Curt J. Ketterer

Chief Operating Officer



SHERWIN-WILLIAMS Chemical Coatings


"In 1997 following their relocation from California to Utah, Wavell-Huber approached Chris Schwab, a Chemical Coatings Sales Representative with a request for technical help.  They were looking for a faster drying, non-yellowing finishing system that would be easier to sand and more user friendly than the products they were currently using.  They needed a sealer that would run more effectively on their finishing line.  Our technical Service Representative, Ed Brekke, was contacted to help.  Together with store personnel at the Sherwin-Williams Salt Lake City blending facility, Chris and Ed were able to develop an acrylic sanding sealer and top-coat system that met all of Wavell-Huber’s requirements.  As a result of these product developments and follow-up testing by Wavell-Huber, their production process improved and Sherwin-Williams developed the resulting products into national line items that are now some of our most popular wood finishes.  This is a great example of how Sherwin-Williams and their customers work together and both benefit as a result of their partnership."


Chris Scwab

Regional Sales Representative





"On Behalf on Gensler and especially our Baker & Hostetler team, we would like to thank Wavell-Huber for your continued support on Gensler’s projects.  It was a pleasure to work with you on the Baker & Hostetler project, and we are happy to provide you with a set of prints as a token of our appreciation.  We are thrilled with the outcome and hope you will share them with the project team.


Thanks again for helping to make Baker & Hostetler a successful project and we look forward to working with Wavell-Huber in the future."



Sandi Warnecke




ARYA   Architecture   Construction   Project Management


“We just wanted to thank you and your staff again for sharing in the teamwork that made the 27600 PCH Residence such a special project.


We have enclosed a copy of the November 2000 Architectural Digest which prominently features the Meyer Residence.  As you can see, all of your had work paid off beautifully”


We look forward to our future projects with you!


Again, thank you.”


Ardie Tavangarian

Vice President





“We are pleased to announce that the Wentz Group has been selected for the cover of Commercial Builder/Architect Magazine’s May/June issue (and) we are honored to receive this recognition.  The quality of your work and products has contributed to the exceptional reputation that we have built.  Thank you for your support…”


Brad Wentz




Reel Grobman


“I have inspected the project in Irvine and I found the job satisfactory and complete…The credenza and pedestals are done with the utmost attention to detail, a job well done.  Thank you fore the great effort and professionalism that you and your staff provided in creating the quality craftsmanship that this industry looks for.”


Paul Anciano

Job Captain



Collins Design Group


“The purpose of this is to reiterate what a pleasure it has been doing business with you on behalf of the University of Utah Hospital and Clinics.  Your willingness to provide custom fascia for Herman Miller’s modular furniture frames was a heroic undertaking to say the least.  And then your response to the subsequent problem with the transaction surface is a tribute to your professionalism.


Thank you again for supporting our creativity and partnering with us to provide an aesthetic masterpiece to our client.”


Cindy J. Collins, B.S.N, M.S.N., AIIDA




Designer Woodworks LLC


“Your company has been a valuable asset to Designer Woodworks.  You have accomplished the veneering tasks that would be more difficult for us to perform.  We have had several delicate veneering jobs completed by your company, all of which have been finished with the highest quality and not only on time but much quicker than expected.  Thank you so much for the work you have done for us.”


Jack Prince

Production Manager